Care Instructions

Your LUNEIL Mask is a delicate item that will give you a lot of joy for many years to come if you treat it with care. We have put together a few simple instructions to keep you on the safe side and your mask silky shiny.

Keep in mind that silk is similar to our skin and hair (97% protein), so do not treat it with a detergent you would wash plant based fabrics such as cotton or synthetic apparel but always use a specific wool/silk/delicates laundry detergent.

Do not use hand soap, shampoo, body wash etc. Whilst this is how you treat your skin and hair, they do have many other substances and we can't take any liability for them. We have tried a few common silk laundry detergents such as Ecover Zero, Perwoll Wool & Delicates, Woolite Handwash, the Laundress Delicate Wash and Jibro Wool Detergent and have found them to be effective. This is not a recommendation to buy a specific product nor do we take any liability.



Hand wash at cold water do not machine wash

Use pH neutral liquid detergent
(wool or silk)

no powder detergent
Just pad dry (no need to wring) no bleach
Iron or steam on low heat no fabric softener
Line dry in shade or indoors
never dry clean
never tumble dry
do not use soap, hand/body wash, shampoo


Freshen up your mask with a blast from the steam iron to do away with wrinkles from the packaging, transport process.
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