There’s no fabric so loved and luxurious as silk. From Chinese Empresses to Roman royalty,
silk has been known as the queen of fibers for thousands of years.

But why is it that silk is such a prized fabric?
You might ask what makes silk so special? Why is it so good for your skin?
What are all its hidden benefits and properties that "wow" us still to this day?



The timeless and fresh feel is not just by its texture, but its ability to absorb up to 30% of its own weight. The silk amino acids, a natural nutrient found in the fabric, help locking it in to ensure it stays - on your skin where it belongs.

Silk regulates perspiration and temperature of the skin naturally, promoting rejuvenation and prevents the effects of aging. These gentle qualities improve your complexion, decrease skin redness, dark circles and in the long run even prevent wrinkles!

prevents Skin Aging

Temperature regulator

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning soaked in sweat. But you are lucky, silk does not conduct heat but on the contrary, it regulates temperature naturally. The LUNEIL Eye Mask keeps you cool at night which can help drastically improve the quality of your sleep. We normally sleep 7-9 hours every day, your LUNEIL Silk Mask supports the effectiveness of that important part of your body’s recovery process. For your LUNEIL Face Mask the breathable, non-conductive nature of the silk fabric provides thermal balance to your skin, allowing it to keep cool on hot days and retaining body heat during cold times.

Chemicals are everywhere, particularly in textiles! Unlike cotton which contains hazardous chemicals that can irritate your skin and create infections, LUNEIL silk is made of all-natural OEKO-TEX 100 certified 6A (longest fibers) 22 momme (fabric weight) 100% mulberry silk - the highest quality silk product available on the market. Our mulberry silkworm cocoons are naturally bred without any chemicals in a carefully-monitored environment by silkworms that are fed a strict diet of mulberry leaves from our farm.



Because of its natural protein structure, silk is known for its hypoallergenic properties, making it compatible with all skin types (dry skin, eczema). Its dense fabric structure prevents dust, mites, pollen, fungus etc from accumulating, which in turn protects you from day-to-day allergens - a treat for sensitive skin.

Silk’s smooth surface means less tugging on your skin than traditional cotton or other synthetic material. Studies show that friction causes creases in the skin, but due to silks smooth surface, its hyaluronic acid and natural protein, abrasion is prevented, resulting in healthier, more supple skin.

silky smooth

Care product support

Silk preserves the quality and effectiveness of health and wellness beauty products applied on your face and eyes without absorbing them due to its natural repellent function.

Silk is a very strong natural fibre despite its delicate appearance. With this durability it retains its beauty for years. That is why silk fabric is prized for its shimmering appearance and does not lose its natural sheen with time.


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