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Your featherlight protection that also treats your skin.

No fake silk! No cotton! No synthetic fibers!

Certified 100% 1st grade mulberry silk with 22 momme

99.6% Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, 99.5% UVA, UVB, 50+ Protection

Avoidance of bad breath, hypoallergenic, reduced skin inflammation, firmer skin, reduced appearance of wrinkles, alleviation of sun damage and acne/eczema prevention

Shop Now @ S$60.00

kids first

Size to fit your precious ones perfectly!

But still the same top quality silk. No compromise. 

For big and small, for young and not so young- there is a mask for everyone. 

No eczema, rhinitis, allergy and asthma. Silk your perfect partner to fight skin irritations.

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Skin Preservation 4 Layer Silk Mask

Four layers of certified 1st grade 22 momme pure mulberry silk to give you that extra bit of comfort, treatment and protection. Four layers of high grade silk have shown to be the most effective natural fiber protection available. 

More protection, more care. 
-Recommended by Doctors-

Anti-Aging, Acne Prevention, Wrinkles Prevention, Moisturizing, Prevents Skin Aging, Temperature Regulator, Hypoallergenic, Silky smooth

100% Nature 0% Chemicals

Shop Now @ S$70.00

your companion

For the nap in between, your regular power sleep or when on the road. LUNEIL SILK never lets you down and never let's you miss your sleep.

Made from our signature certified 1st grade, 22 momme mulberry silk - outer layers as well as filling! You will know when you feel it!

Our STORY OF BEAUTY box keeps your mask safe whilst on the move. 

Luxurious and lightweight - more sleep, less eye-rings. The comfort of your favorite silk feel when you need it.

Shop Now @ S$70.00

luxurious BEAUTY SLEEP

The extra comfy and stylish lace version kicks in with that extra bit of comfort and beauty feel. 

Made from our signature certified 1st grade, 22 momme mulberry silk - outer layers, lace as well as filling! You will know when you feel it!

Sleep like a baby, wake up as a princess.

Silky smooth flow around your eyes.

Say no to skin tugging and dark circles.

Welcome skin moisturising, temperature regulation and beauty product support. Keeps your eye cream till the morning, on your skin where it belongs.

Shop Now @ S$70.00

Changes to Delivery Options

Many of our customers have asked for the ability to order our 4 ply Face Masks without the beautiful "Story of Beauty" box for environmental reasons. We hear you!
Now we offer them without the box and you even save SGD 2.00!

For our delivery option changes see the updated shipping policy

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